SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As the new year arrives, American citizens will be receiving a new relief check of $600 to aid them during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This begs the question, how can this new stimulus check assist an individual in Springfield, Missouri?

1. Rent

According to aparments.com, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Springfield is $593, meaning one month would be potentially covered by the stimulus.

2. Utilities

According to City Utilities, the average cost this time of year would be as follows:

Electric: $89
Natural Gas: $114
Water: $33
Total: $236

City Utilities mentioned actual cost will vary with individual usage patterns, home design and insulation, weather, and fuel costs.

Given this average, the stimulus should cover two standard utility bills. A specific bill can be calculated here.

3. Groceries

According to Business Insider, the average total grocery spend for an individual in St. Louis is $353.58 per month, meaning the stimulus can cover a little under two months of typical grocery shopping in Missouri.

4. Internet

This is more difficult to calculate due to varying broadband speeds, companies, apartment agreements, etc. In Springfield, the predominant internet company is Mediacom. If an individual is a current Mediacom customer with 1,000 GB monthly usage, the cost is approximately $80. If used as a starting point, the check could cover about 7 months of internet usage after taxes.

5. Trash services

According to a Trash & Recycling Collection Efficiency Study done by the City of Springfield, “more than 58% of citizens report paying more than $12 per month for trash collection.” Using this price point, the stimulus check could cover trash for a little over four years.

6. Car insurance

According to a car insurance analysis on bankrate.com, Missouri’s average full coverage premium is $1,680 while the average minimum coverage premium is $445. Using this average, after stimulus, full coverage would leave $1,080 remaining to pay, and minimum coverage would potentially leave $155 extra to spend.

7. Springfield Cashew chicken

According to the menu of Leong’s Asian Diner, a cashew chicken dinner costs $11.99, which means a stimulus check can get 50 orders of Springfield’s signature dish.

8. Streaming Subscriptions

If looking for more entertainment while quarantined at home, the stimulus can pay for five and a half years of a basic $8.99 Netflix subscription.

9. Gasoline

According to AAA, the average price for a regular gallon of gas in Missouri is $1.95. This means the stimulus can pay for approximately 307 gallons.

10. Face Masks

On Amazon.com, a 50 pack of disposable masks cost $10. This means $600 can purchase a stockpile of 3,000 masks.

11. Toilet Paper

Speaking of stockpiles, 18 mega rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper can be purchased at Walmart for $14.97. If using the entirety of the stimulus check, one can purchase a total of 720 mega rolls.

12. Couch

If the living room needs a refresh, an Ikea “FRIHETEN” couch comes in right at $599.

13. Andy’s Frozen custard

For only $591.09, 30 and a half gallons of Springfield-based Andy’s custard can be purchased.

14. Kraft cheese

If looking to support more Springfield businesses, $600 can buy 3,624 slices of Kraft American Cheese Singles.

15. The Rock “Brahma Bull” Replica Championship Title Belt

At the price of $349.99, there will be $250 leftover to save for the next WWE belt one may want to purchase.