SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- An annual event at the Veterans Coming Home Center provided an opportunity to educate the homeless on the weather headed our way.

The event worked to give the unsheltered a warm meal and winter weather gear.

While those items will be helpful, organizers said they don’t want the homeless to have a chance to be outside at all on Thursday.

They are urging them to have a plan.

“We’re trying to let everybody know here that Thursday is going to drop down really fast,” said Chris Rice with the Veterans Coming Home Center. “We’re doing our part during the day. Then in the evening, the crisis cold weather shelters are taking over.”

Organizer Pam Long said it was a God send that this event fell the day before we saw the winter weather.

“There’s a few I’m really worried about,” said Long. “They have no place to get under cover. I’m helping all I can and giving them a pep talk to find somewhere to go if they can.”

Long said that she’s afraid they could still get frostbite even if they are out and covered up.

Mercy doctors said there is a concern there will be cold injuries.

“Frostbite can set in within 10 minutes of being outside,” said Zachary Beam, who is a trauma and burn surgeon. “I think what we’re going to be seeing most likely is frostbite. There will certainly be cases of hypothermia, as well. We’ll just have to deal with those as they come in.”

Beam said people need to limit their time outside.

If they do have to go out, it’s advised to wear multiple layers.