REPUBLIC, Mo. — The new Whataburger built on Highway 60 in Republic is set to take its first orders with its drive-thru services only today.

In the coming weeks, plans to roll out additional service options, including dining room access, ordering via the Whataburger app and, curbside pickups, and delivery will be offered. However, today, customers will only be able to get their burgers through the drive-thru.

As the restaurant opens just in time for lunch hour, heavy traffic near the area is expected and there will only be one way to enter the Whataburger.

According to the traffic flow plan designed by Whataburger and the Republic Police Department, customers can only access the restaurant from the far right lane from westbound Highway 60. There will be no access to the Whataburger from Jac Street. The RPD’s plan includes:

• Traffic exiting will be directed through Andy’s parking lot (already got permission) exiting using Jac Street.

• Police will be providing traffic control in the intersection of Hamilton/Jac Street

• Directing traffic to exit using Hamilton to US 60 (once that is full)

• Directing traffic south on the street between Wendy’s and Lowe’s exiting onto US. 60 using the street directly in front of Lowe’s.

• Directing traffic south on the street between Wendy’s and Lowe’s exiting onto US. 60 from Township

• Customers wanting to go to Andy’s will have access to drive-thru using Jac Street

• Customers wanting to go to Popeyes will have access using Jac Street also

• All traffic will be exiting these establishments will be controlled by the officer at the intersection of Hamilton and Jac Street.

-Republic Police Department

This is the first of five Whataburgers set to come to the Ozarks. One will be in Ozark and three will be in Springfield.