SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Prosecutors rested their case today in the murder trial of a Missouri State professor.

Edward Gutting is pleading not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect for the stabbing death of Marc Cooper in 2016.

A forensic psychologist took the stand today, diagnosing Gutting with schizophrenia. She said he was experiencing delusions during the stabbing.

Psychologist Christina Pietz said on the day of the homicide, “(Gutting) Recognized he was stabbing Dr. Cooper, but he didn’t recognize he was causing harm.”

The Greene County Medical Examiner Peter Duff spoke on the autopsy of Marc Cooper and the extent of his injuries.

He said there were numerous “sharp force injuries” covering Cooper’s upper body and stomach.
Cooper was stabbed through the chest — into his heart and lungs.

While the court did not hear exactly how many total times Cooper was stabbed, Duff mentioned Cooper was stabbed in the neck at least 6 times.

Another finding from the medical examiner, Duff said the stab wounds on Cooper’s forearms were from trying to protect himself, even saying they were what he calls “textbook” defensive wounds.

Tomorrow, other mental health experts are expected to take the stand.