GREENE COUNTY, Mo. – Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott released a statement saying two bills in the State Senate and State House of Representatives intended to protect the 2nd amendment are problematic.

“I am a member of the NRA and will never take part in the infringement of your constitutional right to legally purchase, possess, own, transfer, or carry a firearm,” said Arnott in the release.

Senate Bill 39 and House Bill 85, filed by State Sen. Eric Burlison (R-Christian County) and State Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Republic), respectively, establish the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”

Arnott calls the bills, “well-intended but misguided,” saying, if passed, the bills would hamstring law enforcement across the state by calling for the termination of employment if law enforcement officers share any firearm-related information with federal law enforcement.

Arnott says the Greene County Sheriff’s Office often works with federal agencies to investigate crimes, both against Missouri law and federal law, in the county, calling the agencies a “valuable crime-fighting tool.”

In addition to investigations, Arnott says, GCSO benefits from working with federal agencies to prosecute crimes in federal court.

“While I sincerely applaud their efforts to protect your rights from potential changes to federal law, I am also asking publicly that law enforcement officers are not punished for doing all they can to protect the citizens that they serve,” said Arnott.

The sheriff has also offered to work with the sponsors of the bills, Burlison and Taylor, to ensure the safety of citizens without unintended consequences for law enforcement.

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader also responded to the bills saying, “As your Sheriff of Stone County, I will always stand and fight for your 2nd Amendment rights. I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. I stand at the forefront of this County to protect your rights from Government overreach”.