GREENE COUNTY, Mo. – The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is sounding the alarm on contraband.

“Bringing contraband into a correctional facility causes nothing but problems.” Paige Rippee said. “This is a continuous problem that we have.

We just kind of wanted to bring it to light and kind of let the public know what some of our detention staff go through on a daily basis or an everyday basis.”

Rippee says drugs and firearms have been discovered recently.

It happens frequently. We have the body scanner that they have to go through.” Rippee said. “The body scanner is just extra security to make sure that they’re not bringing something concealed inside of them or on their person.”

On Thursday night, that body scanner discovered something stuck in a prisoner’s throat, and deputies were able to get her to the hospital and save her life.

“In this particular instance, she came in and she started choking and was coughing.” Lt. Danny Smith said. “She started coughing, we brought her over and put her inside the X-ray machine.

I believe they told me last night that something just didn’t look right with her throat when they initially first inspected her.

We found out we got over here, photographed her, put her inside the X-ray machine, and of course, we came up with something lodged inside her throat.”

Smith says the body scanner isn’t just for the safety of prisoners.

“It’s life and death. I mean what we do here is life and death situations. So, it’s not only for their protection and it’s also for my officers.” Smith said.

Rippee says smuggling items into the jail could have unforeseen consequences.”You could potentially hurt yourself causing an overdose. You could expose staff members; you could expose other inmates here.”