UPDATE 11:15 A.M. — Greene County deputy and spokesperson Paige Rippee reported that this latest bust was on one property and that the other four were checkups on other properties previously inhabited by trespassers.

The latest property to be cleared of trespassers was near the western city limits of Springfield between Sunshine and Mount Vernon Street.

The busts are the result of recent complaints from the property owners who filed reports with the city to have the trespassers removed.

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — The Greene County Sheriff’s Office busted another homeless camp Feb. 1 — the third in one month.

According to a social media press release from the GCSO, Sheriff Jim Arnott and five deputies visited five private properties that had been inhabited by trespassers. One person was arrested on a trespassing charge and outstanding warrants.

Deputies attempted to arrest another person, but the trespasser escaped.

“Progress, we are seeing a great deal of progress with these illegal encampments within our county,” wrote Arnott in the press release. “Greene County property owners are also seeing less trespassers on their property. Due to the large amount of property damage and littering, now we need to focus on cleanup and restoring the land for these victims.”

The GCSO arrested three people at a homeless camp on Jan. 18 and 11 people at another camp on Jan. 11.

This article will be updated as more information about the camp bust is released. The GCSO did not respond to calls at the time of this writing.