TANEY COUNTY, Mo. — If you’re driving down Highway 65 in Taney County — you’ll probably notice a very large white cross off the side of the freeway. 

It’s a project that was birthed from a vision, that’s becoming a reality, as the finishing touches are now being put in place. 

The man behind this divinely inspired monument is Kerry Brown. He shared why he had this cross built and why he wanted it in the location it’s in right now. 

“It’s something that the Lord has wanted for a long time. To have this towering over the heartland of America,” Brown said.

The cross is 214 feet tall. Putting it off of Highway 65, makes it within a day’s car ride for more than 80 million people.

 “I think there’s going to be a lot of people who may not know Jesus Christ to the depth that He would like them to,” said Brown, “So I hope that they would take away a one on one personal encounter with Him.” 

Brown explained why he wanted a door in the foot of the cross.

“That there is something far beyond the foot of the cross. That there is the opportunity to enter into the Kingdom of God – to see the many incredible things He has for each one of us. He says I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a good future,” Brown said.

He says the tear drops on the cross, represent the Grace of  Christ.

“There are 8 vertical tear drops representative of new beginnings. Because by God’s Grace in the Old Testament only 8 were saved in the ark. Noah, his wife, the 3 sons and 3 daughters,” said Brown, “The 5 horizontal tear drops are representative of the 3 nail wounds, the spear in the side and the crown of thorns that Jesus suffered. His response to that was.. Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do. So, it’s representative of grace.”

Construction is being finalized before the public can get a closer look. 

“Our goal is to provide spiritual nourishment so that people who are suffering from lack – suddenly they are filled in a way to where they’re not medicating ..trying to feel better by taking drugs, doing alcohol…doing all sorts of things that take them away from a Creator that loves them and is just wanting to be intimate with them,” Brown said.

The goal is to have the cross ready and open to the public by Easter of next year.