SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Groups like The Springfield Area Chamber Of Commerce gave tens of thousands of dollars to the cause. Many business leaders endorsed it. But, it was a resounding defeat at the polls.

Springfield voters overwhelmingly shut down “question one” with 70% of people at the polls saying “no.”

Now developers at Elevation Development Co. will not be permitted to build their multi-unit walkable apartment complex across the street from the park. 

The neighborhood association behind the “vote no question one campaign” say that they are happy that this long battle to preserve the park is won. 

“We’re just so thankful for Springfield voters that they got out there and helped us send the message to the city of Springfield that we’ve been trying to say from the beginning,” said Melanie Bach, The Galloway Neighborhood Association president. “Hopefully, we can go back to just being a regular neighborhood association that has fun events and does clean up.”

But this does not mean the battle is fully over. 

The developer and property owner Mitch Jenkin, In previous conversations, said he would weigh his options with the property if the vote failed. 

“Our neighborhood association is fully prepared to go back to court and defend our city charter and our right to vote in court,” said Bach. 

 Despite multiple attempts to reach the developer, they did not respond to our messages.