SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The Fremont Senior Living Community is enjoying some changes.

Bob Harris has lived there for two years, and he says things feel back to normal.

“I’m still free to get in my car, and I can go to the doctor’s appointment,” Harris said. “I can go to the grocery store. I can do whatever I want to, and I don’t have to confer with anyone. I just go. I have no problem with it. And I think we’re doing well now.”

Harris says he appreciates how well his building has handled the pandemic.

Executive Director Christy Kay says almost everyone living in the community is vaccinated. Group and outdoor activities are back. Bus trips too.

Visitors are screened at the door, and they have to wear a mask until they walk into someone’s room.

Apartment visits are also not off-limits anymore.

“Which has made a huge difference,” Kay said. “We were seeing a lot of loneliness, depression, anxiety and now having the families back and being able to visit and spend the face-to-face time with them has been really good.”