SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Kitten Starfire and Stray Animals Matter joined us for our Wednesday Pet Connection feature in the studio today to talk about the importance of animal fostering.

Samantha Reid of Stray Animals Matter brought Starfire, one of many kittens and cats for which the pet fostering and adoption non-profit helps find homes. Twelve-week-old Starfire was brought into Stray Animals Matter’s care when she was three weeks old. The kitten, along with her litter and mother, was discovered abandoned inside a Springfield rental.

Reid said that the non-profit gets daily requests to take cats in, but they often do not have the room for them.

“It’s been pretty wild,” Reid said. “We have to turn people down because there’s not enough fosters right now.”

Fostering animals, which is allowing them to stay in your home for a limited amount of time, is one of the biggest differences people can make, Reid said.

“That’s probably our biggest need,” Reid said. “People who can take these little guys in and make sure they get love and attention until they’re ready to go to new homes.”

People can fill out an adoption or foster form on Stray Animals Matter’s website if they would like to do their part to help stray cats find their new homes. The forms are there to make sure that applicants are a good fit for fostering or adopting and that they have the resources to take care of a cat. Once the application is accepted, a $35 adoption fee is required before your new cat joins your family.