SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A former state representative who was found guilty of defrauding the government had her medical license removed last week.

Patricia Derges represented the Nixa area in the Missouri House of Representatives. She was sentenced to over six years for fraud and making false statements to investigators in February 2023.

On March 13, the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts revoked Derges’ license

Missouri Representative Tricia Derges (R) Nixa

The Administrative Hearing Commission found that the Board had causes to discipline Derges’ license because “she violated the statutes and rules governing the collaborative practice arrangement between assistant physicians and physicians, engaged in unprofessional and unethical conduct, delegated professional responsibilities to unqualified personnel, commit conduct or practice which is or might be harmful or dangerous to the mental or physical health of patients, enabled unlicensed practices, violated various drug laws and regulations, and have her controlled substance prescriptive authority subject to probation.”

According to the revocation letter, Derges may not reapply for a license for seven years. The Board found that Derges had submitted no response and stated no defense in the hearing.

Derges has filed a notice of appeal in her criminal case, where she was convicted of 22 counts, including wire fraud, illegal distribution of controlled substances and making false statements to investigators.