Mother’s Day is Sunday but flowers were flying out the doors of floral shops this afternoon.

Mike Schaffitzel says he’s seeing tons of people in and out of his flower shop.

“Mother’s Day is a busy time. It’s definitely not Valentine’s, but it’s a it’s a really busy weekend. Everybody is trying to please their moms.” Schaffitzel said.

Floral deliveries ramped up around this time for Scaffitzel and he says he has recieved too many orders.

“Probably 250 this weekend and which is a pretty good Mother’s Day,” Schafittzel said.

“We actually had to quit taking deliveries because we were getting a little overwhelmed there.”

Across Springfield, Wickmans says they’re seeing a Mother’s Day rush as well.

“And with it being Mother’s Day weekend, we’ve had, I’d say close to at least a thousand people come through, if not more than that.” Grzybowski said.

Kevin Grzybowski says people are buying more than just flowers for moms.

“I’ve seen a lot of planters, fountain, statues, moms are getting treated right this time.”

Grzybowski and Schaffitzel say they’re having to adjust to changes in the floral industry.

“A lot of the growers that we are supply through are out of Oregon and kind of the west coast. So we’re ordering less through them in order to try and keep costs down. The prices have inflated just a little bit, but for the most part, we’re doing everything we can to make it as affordable as possible.” Grzybowski said.

“The prices on flowers are going up, the price on plants are going up, everything’s going up. And like, that’s not going to stop for a while. The field drives most of that home.” Schaffitzel said.