BRANSON, Mo. — Five teams from four different states came together in Branson on Saturday, June 12, for a hurling tournament.

Hurling is an ancient Gaelic sport, now played in many cities across the United States.

Teams in Saturday’s tournament traveled from Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Memphis Tennesee, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Stewart Dunn has been playing with the Kansas City Gaelic Athletic club for five years.

“Behind me we got hurling going on. That’s like a stick and ball game from Ireland, kind of similar to field hockey or lacrosse for people in America,” Dunn said. “The ball is like a baseball and you hit it with a stick known as a hurley.

“I’m glad it was only a year we had to take off and that we’ve been able to come out here. We had a solid crew come down and it’s just good to be back out here with the team.”

The teams that played Saturday are preparing to head off to the national competition.