CLEVER, Mo. — Clever Middle School was placed on a soft lockdown Wednesday afternoon after a firearm was found in a student’s locker.

Clever Schools released a statement following the lockdown that detailed how the school received information that a student had a firearm in a classroom, but school resource officers found the firearm in the student’s locker instead.

The statement says that the student was isolated and a soft lockdown was issued at about noon while the student and firearm were removed from the campus. The student was placed in the custody of the juvenile office.

“This is a situation we hope would never happen on our campus, but it is why we have safety protocols in place. At all times we encourage staff and students “if you see something, say something” and we are grateful that our students did just that.

While we do not have any indication the student has any intention to harm anyone or had any plan to do so, we believe a safe environment is essential and we take this situation very seriously,” the statement says.

The statement continues to say that the situation is very serious, and the student will be disciplined accordingly. Additionally, students in need of extra assistance will be able to talk to counselors at the school.