SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Firearm deer season in Missouri is here. Here’s what you should know if you plan on heading out.

The season opens 30 minutes before sunrise Saturday, Nov. 12. According to meteorological reports, that’s going to be around 6:19 a.m. The day of hunting ends 30 minutes after sunset, around 5:35 p.m. The season lasts from Nov. 12 to Nov. 22.

“November firearm season is our biggest hunting event of the year,” said Francis Skalicky of the Missouri Department of Conservation. “Statewide, about 500,000 people are going to be out in the woods.”

Skalicky said that two of the biggest reasons this hunting season is so popular are because it’s the only way to get venison, as you can’t buy it in the store, and because it’s a cultural practice for families in the state.

Something to note about deer hunting in Greene County is that this year, Greene has been chosen as a mandatory sample collection area. If you harvest a deer in Greene County, you have to take it to a mandatory sample site to get it tested. You can take it to one of two locations:

  • The Missouri Department of Conservation southwest regional office at 2630 N. Mayfair Ave., Springfield.
  • The Wildlife Shop in the Bois D’Arc Conservation Area.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, there are some limits hunters have to follow during this 10-day season:

  • Hunters may take only one antlered deer.
  • Hunters may take only two antlered deer in the archery and firearms seasons combined.
  • Each county limits how many antlerless deer permits you can fill during this season. In all southwest Missouri counties, the number is two.

You can get more information about deer season in the area through the Missouri Department of Conservation booklets wherever hunting permits are sold or you can read it online.

What methods are not allowed

The MDC lists some methods that you can’t use during the firearm deer hunting season:

  • Hunters can’t use self-loading firearms with capacities of more than 11 cartridges in the magazine and chamber combined.
  • No ammunition that propels more than one projectile in one discharge (i.e. buckshot) or full hard metal case projectiles.
  • No fully automatic weapons.
  • No sighting devices that cast beams of light or night vision equipment.
  • No bait or dogs.
  • No electronic calls or motor-driven conveyances. You can’t hunt deer from a boat with a motor.