SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Around 500 Springfield City Utilities customers will soon be receiving a notice that their gas or water meter wasn’t reading correctly and how they will be charged.

Brent Baker with CU said equipment issues happen from time to time.

Recently, a team has been working to investigate metering and billing more closely to try to prevent issues.

The group found this chunk of meters had been stopped anywhere around three to 18 months.

Baker said the charges to these customers will vary.

“The average that we see in there is roughly $900,” said Baker. “Some customers will be less than $50, some over $1,000.”

The costs are an estimate surrounding past usage totals with weather adjustments.CU policy states customers would have to correct billing going back 12 months.

OzarksFirst asked CU leaders how they plan to make this easier on families financially.

“We plan to not start the billing of that until March of 2023, giving customers through the winter to be aware of but not have to begin paying,” said Baker. “For a residential customer who had 12 months of zero usage, we give them up to 24 months to pay that back.”

Baker said City Utilities is taking responsibility for this error. However, customers can help by keeping a close eye on their bills.

“If they ever see zero usage and know that that’s not accurate, they need to let us know as quickly as possible,” said Baker.

He said there is assistance available for customers to help with these costs. They plan on working with customers.