MARSHFIELD, Mo. – The family of a Marshfield man killed on New Year’s Eve says they still can’t believe what happened. 

“There’s like four different cop cars. Sergeant Neal had called, hollered at me, and asked me to come to his car.” Ann Kopp said. “That’s when he informed me that Jonathan was deceased inside the house. So I asked where Madison was, and he said. Unfortunately, Madison is in custody.”

Jonathan Miller, Ann’s son and Kevin Kopp’s stepson, had been found shot dead. His girlfriend, Madison Rueckert, told police she did it. 

In a probable cause statement, Rueckert told officers it happened after she found texts on Miller’s phone from other women”

“We don’t know what’s in those texts. So, I mean, I seriously doubt he would have texted anybody sexual stuff and left it on his phone. So I don’t think it was sexual. I think it was just he was talking to other females.” Ann said. 

The Kopps say Miller was a great person who valued family.

“He was a hard worker. He loved barbecuing. He loved riding his motorcycle. If it was summer and he didn’t have to work, he was out on that bike and riding.” Ann said. 

“Even though he and Madison had only been together since May, (Madison’s)baby was his number one priority, and spending time with that child.”

The Kopps say they were blindsided when they learned Rueckert had been charged. 

“She was a great kid. We liked her. I mean, our son was really happy with her.” Ann said. 

“Every time we met them, they were always happy and talking about futures,” Kevin added.

The Kopps say regardless of any text message, they wish Rueckeet had just left home. 

“I don’t understand because there’s never a reason to take a person’s life if you’re that upset because they’re texting someone. All she had to do was call her mom and say, I need to come home. I can’t, I can’t stay here anymore. That’s all she had to do. But she chose not to do that.” Ann said. 

The Kopps say they’ll forever hold onto two recent memories, Ann’s birthday when they spent time in Republic and Christmas when the family spent their last holiday together.