WAYNESVILLE, Mo. – It’s a nightmare for any parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum.

“When I ran downstairs and I rounded the corner of the stairs, I looked to my kitchen and my back doors cracked just enough for him to slide out.” Angel Wesley said.

Wesley’s son, Major wandered away from his home in Waynesville.

“I was like, ‘Major, where are you at? Like, where are you at?” Wesley said. ‘His cousin’s son came outside and he said, ‘Angel, what’s going on?’ I asked him what he meant, and he pointed to the highway.”

The five-year-old had managed to make his way through trees separating their home from I-44, walked onto the interstate, and got hit by a tractor-trailer.

Wesley says it was beyond emotional when she made her way to the highway.

“I was screaming, like everybody heard me scream, and I asked a cop, I said, ‘Please answer me this question. Is he still alive?’ And he said, Yes, he is.”

Major suffered a multitude of injuries.

“He had his spleen removed. He ended up with a fractured clavicle, a fractured femur, a fractured skull, and more.” Wesley said.

Dealing with the impending medical bills associated with Major’s recovery, the family turned to GoFundMe.

“This is going to mean so much afterward, like being able to, you know, set up extra security precautions and any help with anything medical needs or anything, he might be able to need, like this will help with that.” Heather Murray, Major’s aunt said.

Wesley and Murray are thankful to those who helped the night of the accident or are donating online.

“I’m so grateful for everybody that was involved to ensure that my nephew got the care he needed as fast as they could,” Murray said.

“I will pay it forward in any way that I can’t ever in life again because my son was saved.”

KOLR 10 asked neighbors in Wesley’s neighborhood about the idea of a fence being built between the highway and the complex.

Neighbors off-camera told reporters they’d support the idea.

Wesley tells KOLR 10 she reached out to property managers about a fence and says she was told if she wanted a fence, she’d have to pay for it herself.

KOLR 10 reached out to the property managers for comment but was declined any comment over the phone.