SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Families in the Ozarks are grappling with higher personal property taxes around the holidays.

“This is by far the most expensive year. Last year was $76. This year it’s gone up to $203,” said Kate Martin, a Springfield resident.

“I was in shock because last year on my bill I had three vehicles and this year I only had two of those vehicles and it was $152 more,” said Michelle McGee, another taxpayer in Greene County.

Greene County Collector Allen Icet says the increase isn’t stemming from the county assessor’s office.

“They are required by state statute to use the NADA, which is the National Automobile Dealers Association Guide. There is no wiggle room,” Icet said. “The personal property tax is what’s being driven because of the value of those underlying vehicles. It could be cars, boats, could be trucks, SUVs, if you have ATVs, all those things. The probably the value has gone up when usually year to year the value goes down.”

KOLR10 told viewers earlier this month the State Tax Commission warned Missourians of higher tax payments, but the parents we spoke to didn’t anticipate an increase this high.

“I’m definitely considering opening up a credit card at this point,” Martin said. “It’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. but if I can use my tax refund to pay that off, at least that would give us a little bit of leeway.”

“It has immense pressure. And if I’m feeling it, I know all the other parents are, too. I mean, the fact of it is, is that I’m now a single mother.” McGee said. “My husband passed away in March of 2021. It’s just me for the kids now. I’m at the point now where I’m like, do I put some Christmas away and try to pay the bill now, or do you take the late fee and just pay it when you get your tax refund.”

Icet says there could be some changes in the future.

“There’s a lot of conversation within the assessor Statewide Assessors Association to change the law, to give the assessors more flexibility in determining that value,” Icet said.