Following a December that featured historically chilly temperatures, people are now seeing the aftermath in their utility bills.

Springfield City Utilities says the rise is because of the weather and the price of natural gas.

“We’ve had some record lows in December, and those bills that are starting to come out now are reflecting that. And with those colder temperatures, probably more usage on people’s systems.” Joel Alexander with City Utilities said. “There is more cost to the fuel. The fuel costs have gone up over the last couple of years. So I think we’re about ten, $0.15 higher this year than we were last year, just for the simple cost of the natural gas is costing more.”

For one customer, she says she uses CU for electricity only and still saw her bill skyrocket.

“I actually owe $508 and my total kilowatts. And again, I don’t know exactly how to read my bill, but last year, at the same time, I had 1,338. This year, 1,026, which is less but twice the price. Andrea Benzen said.

CU officials say the utility group uses natural gas for power generation.

Benzen, like other families, are having to adjust to the higher costs.

“It’s like the squeeze for most of us.  I have three children, so, you know, there’s the egg situation and the groceries and you just stop eating out. You really have to just really be thoughtful about where you’re spending your money.” Benzen said.