SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Springfield Police are investigating the shooting death of a juvenile Tuesday as an accident. While the investigation is ongoing, area gun experts urge families to have conversations about gun safety.

If guns are in your home, experts say there are things to remember.

“If you have a gun and you’re home alone, and if it’s for protection or defense of your house, then you want it to be readily accessible and easy to use,” said Cherokee Firearms Owner Nick Newman.

However, Newman said there is more to remember if children are in the house.

“Then you have to think about other concerns and how you’re going to keep that accessible, but not accessible to everyone,” said Newman. “That could be anywhere from ammunition stored out of the gun, and that’s stored in a different room, and they’re both locked up independently, all the way down to having a lock box near your bedside or near the door or wherever you it’s most practical for you.”

He said they encourage people that have a lot of people coming in and out of their house to think about storage a little more.”Have that hidden and secured somewhere that takes a key or a touchpad of some sort to make it accessible,” said Newman. “Never leave anything in your car, I think that’s the worst.”

Most importantly, Newman said when getting out a gun, ensure it’s always pointed in a safe direction.

“You wouldn’t expect somebody else to teach your kids how to drive,” said Newman. “You shouldn’t expect somebody else to teach your kids how to be responsible and appropriate with firearms.”