SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – If you shopped online for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you might be waiting for a package to hit your doorstep this week. But, delivery services say to keep an eye out for porch pirates.

“Thefts are on the increase around the holiday season just because people are purchasing more items,” Lieutenant Mark Foos with the Springfield Police Department (SPD) said.

For some Springfield families, they’ve already dealt with porch pirates this year.

“I knew it was happening live,” Dan Perry said. He had a package delivered on November 23 and saw FedEx drop it off on his porch on his ring camera. “Then right as the FedEx pulled away, the car pulled into a drive and this young man got out when I got the package and left. This all happened before my wife could walk a flight of stairs and get out the door to pick up the package.”

Perry’s ring camera shows the man taking ten seconds to steal the package and get back in a car.

“There are lots of people who have everything shipped to their home,” Perry said. “If they’re shipping Christmas presents or even the electronics and the high dollar things that are being purchased this time of year, they’re not secure on your porch.”

SPD said there are things families can do to make sure they get their packages.

“The first thing is to have a good relationship with your neighbors,” Foos said. “Making sure that if your neighbors see that you do have packages out in front porch, if they’re around just to keep an extra eye out for each other.”

Police also suggest installing a doorbell camera, having good lighting around your porch, or a secure package drop-off box.

“We’ve had to change our whole means of operating mail because we won’t let things be just dropped anymore, even if we’re at home,” Perry said. “Luckily, places like Amazon now are offering pickup locations versus having them delivered straight to your home and [we] will utilize those services just to prevent [a theft] from happening.”

If you do have a package stolen, SPD said to always report it.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a $3 theft or if it’s a $10,000 theft, it’s still a crime and you’re still being victimized,” Foos said. “That’s what our whole purpose is, to make sure that [crime] doesn’t occur.”

SPD said officers will patrol neighborhoods during the holiday season to prevent crime from happening.