SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — An Evangel professor stuck in Israel for nearly a week is finally on his way back home.

Wave Nunnally, who teaches early Judaism and Christian origins, and his wife were one of the lucky few Americans who were able to find a flight back to the United States.

Abbey Hibbert says her parents flew into Israel as the attacks began.

“I received a text message while I was out and about from a really close friend of mine who said, ‘Hey, are your parents okay?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, they’re fine. They’re in Israel.’ And she said, ‘Well, you might want to check the news.’”

Nunnally began updating his daughter on the situation as soon as they found the internet, and filmed updates for social media.

“Hey guys, Wave Nunnally coming to you from our hotel room in Netanya, Israel,” he posted on Facebook. “We’re about 20 minutes, 20 miles to the north of Tel Aviv. And I just wanted to share a little bit, just a moment of your time of what has been going on with us in the last few days since we’ve been here.”

Hibbert says her parents have been leading tour groups in Israel for years.

“My dad is very knowledgeable of the lay of the land, where to go and where to not go, where to stay and where not to stay,” Hibbert said. “And so with that knowledge, he is able to keep his group safe.”

When Hibbert first heard of the attacks, she wasn’t sure if her parents were in danger.

Abbey Hibbert | Parents stuck in Israel for six days

“Oftentimes Americans don’t understand the tension that lies there day to day,” Hibbert said. “So at first, I kind of thought that this was going to blow over.”

“When we got to the airport and found our taxi driver, the driver told us that there had been already thousands of rockets shot at Israel from the Gaza Strip at the hands of a terrorist organization called Hamas,” Nunnally posted in a video on Facebook.

With airline prices spiking, the Nunnallys had to raise thousands of dollars to get a flight out of Israel.

Abbey Hibbert | Parents stuck in Israel for six days

I’d probably have to speak on behalf of my parents and say that they are absolutely heartbroken at the refugee situation,” Hibbert said. “What they experienced, what they saw, what their children experienced and saw the trauma that is going to continue to unfold daily for these people. And so we are praying for them.”

The Nunnallys are expected back stateside tomorrow night.