SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–A nationwide shortage of EpiPens is causing concern to many families in the Ozarks.

With school approaching, many families are concerned about sending their child with no EpiPen.

The EpiPen shortage is causing prices to rise significantly. Arlene Mullen, a Springfield Mom, said her family had to make the tough decision to not buy one right now because they are too expensive.

Mullen said, “If you have more than one kid who needs it like I do or if they go to school or daycare or something you need like three of four sets and if each set is a few hundred dollars you know then you can’t. You have to try to make money come out of nowhere or you just have to go without which is what we’ve had to do to go without.”

Food allergies impact 1 in every 13 children. Even if you’re child doesn’t have a food allergy, chances are you know someone who does.

Many of those children rely on auto-injectors to keep them safe in the case of a reaction.

Dr. Minh-Thu Le, with Cox Health, said there are other alternatives including one of the newest pens to the market called AUVI-Q. Walgreens carries this pen at no cost to most consumers who have commercial insurance.

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