SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Misti Fry of Sidekick Dog Training brought repeat dog guest Shawn onto Daybreak’s Pet Connection segment to talk about how to make the schedule transition from summer to the school season easier for your dogs.

Fry said that it takes some time for dogs to get used to new schedules.

“How long is summer? Long enough for your dog to get into the summer schedule,” Fry told Ozarks First Daybreak.

Fry said the trick is to prepare and think ahead to ready your dog for the transition from summer schedules to school schedules. Focus on creating a pattern that your dog can expect. However, schedule changes start up a new pattern that can confuse a dog.

“Figure out what your pattern is going to be,” Fry said. “If you’re going to leave at a certain time, make sure you get up a little earlier to exercise the dog.”

Interactive toys are great for exercising and entertaining your dog while you get ready for your day. A good toy to engage your dog is anything that has treats in it. She has a ball with holes in it that she can fill with Shawn’s breakfast. Shawn rolls the ball around and is awarded for doing so when food falls out of it.

You can also put your dog on a line and let them sniff around outside to get exercise and entertainment while you get ready to face your upcoming day. Dogs are diurnal, Fry said, which means that dogs are often most active in the morning and evening. By enriching your dog’s morning with interactive toys and activities, allowing them to rest during the day, and engaging with them at night as well, you can set up a schedule that your dog can come to expect and be happy with.

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