Local emergency responders are getting prepared to continue working during the upcoming weather conditions.

Mercy EMS crews said they will be ready to respond to calls for help.

However, they know working and driving outside for any period of time will be a challenge.

Crews plan on being bundled up as they head out on calls.

“Ambulances are like box trucks out on the highway, on the open roads, and they catch wind,” said Executive Director Bob Patterson. “Our folks operating these vehicles have to be incredibly vigilant, as we always are.”

Patterson said crews will be taking their time to make sure they arrive safely.

While they will see their typical medical calls, Patterson said other weather-related calls are to be expected.

It only takes minutes, he said, for things to turn dangerous for people outside.

“We see weather-related exposure type responses, those kinds of things,” said Patterson. “Those tend to ramp up a little bit more. Then, depending on the amount of snow and ice we get, slip and falls, motor vehicle crashes.”

If you don’t have to be outside, it’s suggested to stay in as much as possible.

“The wind chills will be very dangerous to folks who are outside and have exposed skin.”

Local agencies are all working together to monitor the conditions as we get closer to the end of the week.