SPRINGFIELD, MO.–Springfield’s second tiny home community celebrated its grand opening today after nearly a year of construction. Eden Village 2 will provide affordable, permanent housing for 24 individuals. It’s located on Brower Street, off West-Bypass and Nichols in west Springfield. 

Those behind the project say Eden Village 2 focuses on folks who are both disabled and chronically homeless. Chief Visionary Nate Schlueter says the tiny homes are placed in a way that promotes friendship among neighbors. 

“All of our homes have front porches, they face other homes, and try to create ways for neighbors to naturally meet each other and interact with each other and befriend each other,” says Schlueter. 

Schlueter says the completion of Eden Village 2 marks a halfway point for his team. With an end goal of building five tiny home communities in Springfield, Schlueter says he hopes to begin construction on Eden Village 3 in March 2022. 

The grand opening today also meant move-in day for new resident Bobbi Rowles, who has spent the last several winters on the streets of Springfield. 

“Today is my first day of seeing my first home in six years,” Rowles told OzarksFirst. She says her reliance on drugs had kept her from finding permanent housing, spending her days and nights, “Living in the woods, living in backyards, in and out of motels.”

Rowles says she overcame her drug addiction through finding Christ. Soon after, she was on the list to move in to Eden Village 2. Tonight will be her first night sleeping in her new home. As she begins a new chapter, Rowles says she’s thankful to have the support of her new neighbors. 

“I’m in a community of people that was in the same position as me. and they will understand where I’m coming from, and be able to help me talk through things,” says Rowles. “I have everything I can imagine now…something that was a long time coming.”