SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield Police Officers were responding to a report of shots fired at South Campbell when they heard sounds of a car accident at the intersection on Thursday, August 5.

Police are still investigating the wrecks caused by a car with two men who had been shot. Everyone in the cars that were struck made it out with minor injuries.

“I am a little dizzy and my neck hurts,” said Christopher Hearne.

Hearne was on his way to work when his van got struck by a car.,

“I was coming up to the light and I heard a bang and I looked over and saw the silver sedan and the black car behind him had hit him,” said Hearne.

The black car fled the first crash it caused at the intersection of Sunshine and Campbell. Then the car headed straight toward Hearne hitting his van.

“He lost control and that kind of put an end to it,” said Hearne. “At first, I thought it was just an accident. And I yelled some expletives. So, I went over to the Rapid Roberts to get out of the way, and as I was about to approach the individual when police showed up and surrounded him with their firearms drawn and started yelling at him. And I decided I was in a very bad place.”

“We were like, oh man, this is serious and as I was turning around as six cops flew by me and I was like oh, this is more than just an accident, this is a little bit more serious,” said Kaylea Weidman.

Weidman is a friend of Hearne and was nearby when the incident occurred.

“And I was like oh goodness, and then he sent us a text and we were like, well we have got to turn around now because that was Chris,” said Weidman. ” And it was crazy and all watching it happen. I hate the fact that it was Chris, but I am glad we are all okay. because it could have been anyone.”

“I was in the army reserves for 11 years,” said Hearne. ” I had two tours to the middle east. I have been through a lot, and this is just another one of those bumps.”

Now, this veteran and entrepreneur faces a new challenge.

“My business is called vets vend,” said Hearne. “I own vending machines across town. Now I am trying to find a way to replace my van so I can continue my business. I got customers that are relying on me and it is a relatively young business so it is hard to eat the loss.”

His gold van is a wreck, but Hearne is looking at a silver lining.

“The biggest thought to me was as awful as it was for me that it could have been much worse if he didn’t hit me and didn’t lose control and would have continued on and he might have hurt or killed someone else,” said Hearne.