SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – 2022 is coming to an end which means breweries, restaurants, and bars are getting ready for big new year’s celebrations.

“We are having a booty move and boogie down of epic proportions here at Mothers Brewing Company, right here in our beautiful barrel house,” Brewing Liaison Kyle Jeffries said. “Throwing dance parties here in our brewery has been a favorite activity and event of ours at Mother’s. Obviously, that went by the wayside for a few years. But we’re back and we are ready to move and groove with you.”

Mother’s expects around 100 people to attend it’s celebration. Preparation started a few weeks ago.

“We have brewed dance party, disco pants, a Brut IPA, specially for this event,” Jeffries said. “We’re looking at a dry light, crisp, very bubbly beer that is meant for celebration.”

Mother’s also will also decorate for the celebration, which starts at 9 p.m. Saturday night. Other places, like the Discovery Center, are having celebrations earlier in the day.

“At noon we’ll have our big New Year’s celebration with a balloon drop with 3000 balloons,” Executive Director Rob Blevins said. “The whole concept is little kids have a hard time making it till midnight. Sometimes adults want to do their own thing on New Year’s Eve. We do a big balloon drop and then usually we have lots of really cool activities in the center.”

The Discovery Center’s celebration will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Families can also explore the exhibits while waiting for the noon balloon drop.

“You’re going to recognize a lot of those things, but just walking around, you’re going to be surprised at how much new things we have,” Blevins said. “We got the giant big blocks, an airplane cockpit that you can actually simulate starting an airplane complete with the sounds. So it’s a perfect opportunity to come if you haven’t been in the past couple of years to rediscover the Discovery Center, those new things.”

With celebrations for all ages happening, Springfield Police will focus their efforts on downtown.

“We take a lot of pride downtown in downtown and want it to be a safe place for people to bring their friends and family,” Officer Ben Wilson said. “Our community service section will be present. They’ll be working alongside with our patrol officers who work downtown day in and day out, do a really good job of making it safe.”

SPD said if you see someone who appears to be drunk driving, report it to an officer.