BRANSON, Mo. — It’s a good thing the temperatures were kind of mild today because a couple of doctors at Cox Branson spent a good part of their morning getting dunked in chilly water.

It was all in the name of Toys for Tots. Chief medical officer Shawn Usery and ER physician Todd Baker were perched in costumes in dunk tanks.

Staff members from Cox Branson took shots at plunging them into the water. Even KOLR10’s Chrystal Blair got her turn at it.

The goal was to raise money for the Toys for Tots charity. We were able to catch the two good sports in between getting drenched.

“There are so many kids and families in our community that don’t have the resources available to put presents under the tree or even buy things like socks and small toys,” Usery said. “Working with Love Inc. and the auxiliary for Cox Health and the medical staff here at Cox Medical Center Branson, we’ve been able to raise almost $10,000 for kids this year.”

To donate to Toys for Tots, click here.