SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – You might have heard, but COPS is back. 

Langley Productions, which makes the famous law enforcement reality show, has entered agreements to work with Springfield Police and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. 

“A lot of times in COPS, it’s not like Live PD or something to that nature, it’s edited video.” Defense attorney Scott Pierson said. 

The contracts, both signed in April 2023, are different in nature. 

Springfield PD’s contract is centered around ride-alongs, while the GCSO’s agreement is vague on what specifically crews will cover. 

SPD’s contract states that they will have full say over what’s aired from their department. 

GCSO says they can review and comment on rough clips for “purposes of accuracy, protection of nonpublic information and investigatory techniques”. 

Neither agency will be paid in any way. 

Pierson tells KOLR 10 he would watch shows like COPS when he was younger but says the show can immortalize people’s most vulnerable moments. 

“Anybody who’s featured on that show, they have a very difficult moment in their life that is being shown to everybody,” Pierson said. 

Pierson says the filming is over before the judicial process begins. 

“We don’t get a follow-up that says later on this individual was found innocence or something of that nature,” Pierson said. “This person has to go really, you know, try to fight against the court of public opinion, which, you know, can obviously be difficult for any individual to do.” 

The attorney, like many on social media, raise concerns the show could present Springfield in a bad light. 

“COPS predominantly is featured in areas with low-income bases, high crime areas, because they want to have things that they’re watching,” Pierson said. “I think Springfield, Missouri, oftentimes we don’t always get shown in the best light of what we truly are. I think we’re a city that has a lot to offer.” 

KOLR 10 asked SPD why they entered into an agreement with Langley Productions and was told, “We have a long-standing relationship with Langley Productions and the COPS television show. We participate because it gives the community a look at what officers do every day. the production crew rides along with officers to every call.”