SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Hundreds of people have applied to work at several medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Farmer’s Wife just opened up on August 20. It has dispensary locations in Springfield, West Plains, and Mountain Grove. Roughly 600 people applied for 5 open positions in Springfield.

“We were the 8th dispensary to open in Springfield city limits,” Director of Retail David Brodsky said. “We left our positions open for 3 weeks. We then did about a week and a half of looking through those folks and setting up interviews.”

The Farmer’s Wife narrowed down the pool of applicants to 60. The dispensary believes the draw to work there is the industry itself.

“People are excited about the new industry, and they want to get in on the ground level,” Brodsky said.

Voters approved Medical Marijuana in 2018. The first dispensary in Springfield opened in November 2020. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) reported $113 million in medical marijuana sales since October 2020. In June, sales were roughly at $70 million.

“It’s about an 8-month cycle to get those folks vetted, interviewed, trained, and ready to hit the sales floor,” Brodsky said. “We do in-house four-day training session. It’s a mix of classroom learning with California company called Green Flower, product training and live sales floor training at one of our existing facilities.”

Some workers were recently introduced to medical marijuana.

“I was kind of iffy about the whole cannabis thing,” Store Manager Jeremy Tuck said. “I hadn’t really tried it until February of this year when I got my medical card. I was having some lower back issues. Chiropractor, urgent care, pain pills, muscle relaxers, steroids, and they didn’t seem to be helping. But I ate a portion of a gummy and got crazy relief.”

One of the reasons Tuck wanted to work at the Farmer’s Wife was to help people find relief just like he did.

“There’s numerous ways to consume your medicine these days,” Tuck said. “First hand, it worked for me. I was on tons of medications, and now I’m no longer on them, so I just wanted to help people that were maybe in the same boat and tell them what works for me and how it could help them also.”

The Farmer’s Wife wants to see the industry continue to grow along with its individual locations.

“Missouri really got off to a nice start, we’ve only seen steady growth from there,” Brodsky said. “Patient counts are up. Number of dispensaries keeps going up. Most importantly the number of cultivators and manufacturers that are approved to operate continues to increase.”

The dispensary is looking to add its menu to its website, along with getting drive-thru windows open and delivery services.