SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Area cats Brigitta and her kitten Hugo arrived at the studio for today’s Pet Connection segment with Marci Bowling of Watching Over Whiskers to talk about how people can help cats find a home around Springfield.

As always, one of the biggest ways people can help kittens and cats in the area without the long-term commitment of adopting a cat is by fostering. You can sign up to be a foster through Watching Over Whiskers to give cats a place to stay until more room at the shelter opens up or the cat finds their forever home.

“We’re in a national crisis,” Bowling said. “Every rescue is bursting, beyond capacity.”

Watching Over Whiskers also needs volunteers at its headquarters. The nonprofit is also selling a cat-themed coloring book that’s for sale on Amazon. The proceeds of the book go to helping the cats at Watching Over Whiskers. People can find that coloring book on Watching Over Whiskers’ Facebook page.

Those who want to help the nonprofit or the cats themselves can visit www.watchingoverwhiskers.org or call 417-324-4486.