REPUBLIC, Mo. — For the past four days, the majority of schools in the Ozarks have been closed with some schools closing for the entire week due to winter weather.

And almost of week of no school can be difficult for students.

Superintendent for Republic Public Schools Dr. Matt Pearce said AMI, or Alternative Method of Instruction, is a way for students to stay on track.

“It also allows kids and teachers to connect and have that classroom culture stay fresh instead of being gone or missing a week, “ said Dr. Pearce.

Here’s how that works: Each student, kindergarten through 12th grade, receives a Chromebook. Students can reach their teacher through either Google Classroom or Canvas.

For some of the younger students, especially K-2nd grade, their teachers have paper packets all ready to go in case of winter weather. 

The younger students receive Chromebooks as well, but only from November through March when winter weather is a possibility. 

Dr. Pearce says although everyone loves a good snow day, once the newness of the winter weather wears off kids and teachers for the most part would say that they would rather be in person and learn face to face.

“The AMI days, we have to prep for those. So we try to make sure that our teachers are prepared our students are prepared, and our families are prepared. That makes for a more successful AMI day than just springing it on people,”  said Dr. Pearce.

Dr. Pearce told me that the school district pays close attention days in advance in case winter weather is heading our way. 

He says they only have five AMI days to work with and that they have snow days built into their calendar.

However, if the school were to continue to close due to winter weather, then they would tack on extra days at the end of the year.