SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Ozarksfirst continues to investigate claims of drugs being slipped into drinks at a downtown Springfield bar.

A woman who claims she was drugged at Inner Circle Vodka Bar is speaking out.

“I was aware for a good chunk of time what was going on around me,” said the woman who didn’t wish to be identified. “However, I could not talk, move, or open my eyes. It felt like I was stuck in my body and no matter how hard I tried, I was just dead weight.”

This weekend, thousands of people will be partying downtown for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and pub crawl.

The Downtown Springfield Association said it wants to keep everyone safe attending the events.

There will be an extra police presence in the area.

“Any time that people are in a large social gathering space, I think it’s always good to use good, common sense,” said Executive Director Rusty Worley.

The owners of Inner Circle said they are aware of the allegations and are taking steps to promote safety.

“We’ve beefed up our security,” they said. “We are bringing in a company, an outside professional company, to come monitor.”

The owners said they do not believe any of their staff members are involved in drugging customers.

The woman claiming she had been drugged said she wants the owners to take a closer look at their employees.