MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. (KTVI) – A Missouri man is selling his concrete survival bunker in a remote location in the Ozarks.

The gated property comes “equipped with surveillance, security, ventilation/circulation system, central heat & cool, private well and septic,” according to the listing.

The owner told KTVI he built it by himself almost a decade ago. He did not want his name used in the article but described all that went into building the bunker.

“It’s a complicated build, and I did most of the work myself so I could keep people out of it,” the former contractor said.

The bunker has a full kitchen, two full baths, closets, and a 9-by-5-foot pantry. The surrounding property has fruit trees, a garden area, and water. The owner said he’s selling because, as a single man, he doesn’t need this large a bunker. He plans to construct a smaller one to live in.

“I built this in order to bring in as many people as I can in case something happened, but it’s too much for me to maintain,” he explained.

So, what drove him to build this bunker in the first place?

“I noticed probably 35 years ago we were losing our freedoms very quickly,” he said. “They were taking huge hunks of our freedoms away, and I saw it was going downhill and nobody was opposing it.”

The owner claimed the bunker offers other safety perks, too. “A tornado can’t hurt my house. It can’t burn down because it’s concrete,” he said.

The $314,900 listing price, he said, is very fair for this type of bunker.

“It’s an underground bunker. When you look at the bunker market, it’s half the price of those steel-can bunkers.” He continued, “It’s concrete and custom-made. It’s not like living in a submarine. It’s very comfortable and has full-sized ceilings and stuff.”

“The people are top-notch,” he added. “This area is really one of the best for places like this. I did research on all the little things that might happen if everything went sideways, and the Ozarks is the best because there are no nuclear power plants or ocean. It’s more or less protected.”

The property also has fresh air despite being completely underground, he said.

“I have fresh air intake that completely filters out the air. It’s a completely sealed house. It’s a special unit that warms the air up … coming in the house and pulls the stale air out,” he explained.

Cell phone service is not a problem either, he claimed. “There’s a base of an antenna that hooks to a unit within the home and brings the signal inside the house.”

The owner believes more and more people are interested in bunkers, seeing as many come pre-fabricated. “Anybody who is looking at getting into a bunker, they have a lot of prep work,” he said. “And this is already done.”

The property is listed by Stacy Matherly with Keller Williams Southern Missouri Realty.