HARRISON, Ark. – Residents in Harrison, Arkansas, celebrating a win, for now. 

The company attempting to zone a property to allow for a Cryptocurrency Mine. 

Mines like that are a building full of computer generators, running nonstop to create digital currency. 

“They have withdrawn applications, claims. It stops this process. They can come back with a new conditional permit request and we have to start over filing this.” Jim Hall said. 

I’m so glad that everybody rallied around and stopped it here,” Larry Keithley said. “We have a good city here, a little town.”

One of the biggest complaints about these mines is the noise it produces.

 “Our concern locally was one the noise,” Hall said. “They have done nothing [at other facilities] to mitigate the noise.”

“If it’s 45 computers [somewhere else] compared to 15 computers [in Harrison], then we’re looking at a 66% decrease in the noise problem that everybody was concerned about.” Kelly Norris said. 

“Right now it would be pretty bad. I mean, it’s drove other people crazy and made them leave their homes and their community.” Keithley said. 

Hall says the permit withdrawal reminds him of his career in poultry. 

“I’m a lifetime member of the American Poultry Association, the first thing on my mind was “bock bock bock”, they’ve turned chicken. They’re scared.”

Residents tell KOLR 10 that if the zoning permit is applied for again, they’re ready to voice their concerns a second time.