SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Community Gardens and CoxHealth will be partnering on a project that will bring healthy, fresh food to patients.

The farm will help feed CoxHealth’s patients, and even employees can purchase the food grown there.

It will grow a variety of seasonal produce to help patients with dietary needs at their location on Primrose Street from Cox South.

Jason Bauer, director of food nutrition at CoxHealth, said this is an excellent way to start creating healthy lifestyles.

“It’s a kind of the first step to doing that. Right? To proving healthcare,” said Bauer. “So, a huge emphasis on preventative health and healthy lifestyle, cause that’s what healthcare is about.”

The co-founder of Springfield Community Gardens, Maile Auterson, explains the most important part of being apart of this deal.

“The ability for us to provide food to the hospital and for people who are food insecure and to have pride in our heritage, what an important part that farming played, just really means the most to us,” said Auterson.

CoxHealth says work on the farm will begin in the coming weeks.