SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A CoxHealth doctor went on Facebook Live on June 1 to debunk any myths when it comes to COVID-19.

Dr. Robin Trotman is the medical director of infection prevention at CoxHealth. He addressed concerns people have with masks and even bringing the virus into your home on your shoes.

“Science is evolving so fast that even though this is my full-time job, I can’t keep up with the literature,” said Dr. Trotman.

The doctor says most medical professionals believe most transmissions are done through respiratory droplets, debunking the myth of COVID-19 being transmitted through shoes.

“Can shoes spread COVID? I don’t think so,” said Trotman. “What we’re learning, more and more, is that surfaces are probably less likely a source of transmission when compared to face to face prolonged contact. So, if you’re in somebody’s face for five minutes, you cough, sneeze, that is overwhelming the majority of transmissions.”

Whether you want to wear a mask or not, Dr. Trotman says there is evidence wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Four months ago, we would not have wanted people in the community wearing masks,” said Trotman. “However, we now have a pandemic that is resulting in diagnoses throughout our community. We have patients in the hospital. That’s a different situation than when we were advising people not to use masks.”

Trotman says the best thing you can do is sanitize, social distance and wear a mask.

“It really takes an effort to be mindful of this mask,” said Trotman. “To wear it right and not to manipulate it, but it’s not an overly exhaustive gesture. While it may not be 100% effective, it is keeping you from becoming infected. It is very effective at keeping you from spreading the virus, as I talked about, during that 48-hour window, you could transmit the virus despite not having symptoms.”

There was also talk about a vaccine for the virus with the doctor saying it really is a moving target and he isn’t entirely sure when there will be one.