SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – This year, local officials said they’re working extra hard to make sure the election is secure and fair.

County clerks in both Greene and Christian Counties said multiple processes are in place to make sure every vote is counted correctly.

“Everything has a numbered lock,” said Kay Brown, the Christian County Clerk. “From our ballots, to our equipment, everything that goes out has a seal that has to be broken on the morning of the election. That’s one thing about our machines, we are not connected to the internet. They’re stand-alone machines, so I think that’s very good.”

Brown said voting equipment has been re-tested after the polls closed to make sure the results being announced are accurate.

In Greene County, Clerk Shane Schoeller said eyes on the election process are welcomed.

“You have the challengers, and you have the watchers,” said Schoeller. “The challengers are there to make sure no election laws are being violated that day. The watchers are there to make sure everything is being done correctly in terms of the ballots being cast. They can not only be there on the day of the election, they can stay there until the polls close, after the polls close, to watch. They can be there for the absentee ballot preparation process, as well as the tabulating process.”

Voters we spoke with said they thought the voting process went smoothly. They said they trust their votes will be counted correctly.