SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The death toll continues to rise after the powerful earthquake in Turkey. 

Here in the Ozarks, the convoy of hope has jumped on the response to the disaster.

Early Monday a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, leaving now more than three thousand four hundred people dead and many more injured. 

Convoy of hope, which has helped with many disasters and crises across the globe, said it is making arrangements to get the goods and help that the people need in these countries. 

Ryan Graybill says he has been on the convoy of hope disaster relief team for 12 years.  

He has seen firsthand how catastrophic events like these can alter a person’s life.

“It’s really challenging. I mean, it’s humbling. It’s an honor to be able to serve people during a time that’s quite possibly the most difficult or one of the most difficult times of their lives,” said Graybill.

In the work they do, they do their best in getting the goods to those who need them right now.