SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – College students are returning to Springfield as fall semester classes will soon begin.

It was a busy day at Missouri State University Wednesday as many students started to move in. 

Traffic and business are sure to pick up with the return.

“We’re actually going to go get some food real quick,” said Dominique Lowe, an MSU student who’s moving in. “Hopefully before they leave, I want to like tour downtown Springfield, just see what it looks like.” 

Business owners in the area said the increase in sales will be much needed. 

“We’ve actually hosted a fraternity party here already,” said Richard Vance, Co-Owner of Billiards of Springfield. “A fraternity got together, they filled the place up. We’ve had a small sorority get together here.”

Vance said he wants college students to know, that when they need a break from studying, their doors are open.

“We’re a recreational place for that,” said Vance. “We go all the way through college kids if they want to come to hang out at night and do stuff, to older adults that have fun.”

Students at other local universities are also starting to move in this week.