CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. — A 21-year-old man from Edwardsville, Illinois, has been charged with statutory sodomy in Camden County, Missouri.

Grant Keller is charged with two counts of second-degree statutory sodomy and one count of fourth-degree child molestation — all felony charges — and one misdemeanor count of supplying liquor to a minor or intoxicated person according to court documents.

According to the probable cause statement, Keller met the victim at a Camdenton restaurant where the 15-year-old victim worked as a waitress.

Keller got the victim’s Snapchat information and contacted her, where she revealed to him that she had just turned 15 over the course of their conversation.

Keller revealed his age to be 21 when the victim asked and reportedly told her to “hit him up when she’s 18.”

Later, Keller invited the victim to a party where he gave her alcohol and later performed sexual acts with her, according to the probable cause statement.

Deputies with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office caught Keller at a residence in Camden County and brought him in for questioning.

Keller admitted to kissing the victim at first, then elaborated to say they were “making out.”

According to the probable cause statement, the deputy interviewing Keller asked him to be honest and told him he had evidence in a folder. Keller said they had been making out on a bed and their clothes came off. Deputy Strom reminded him to be honest and said that “clothes don’t just fall off for no reason.”

Keller was then asked if DNA evidence would be found on him and the victim, and he said yes.

Keller is scheduled for an initial court appearance at 9 a.m. September 26.