SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Folks who live near the Springfield Art Museum and Fassnight Park will soon have their street back. They’ll also have better protection from flooding.

OzarksFirst spoke with Kirkland Preston, a professional engineer who works for Springfield’s stormwater management team. Preston tells OzarksFirst the area is still under construction, but contractors say the Fassnight Creek stormwater improvement project should be finished in three weeks.

“During heavy rain events sometimes Brookside [Drive] would be inundated with stormwater, and so that should help with this going forward,” Preston said. “It’s a concern for both the Art Museum and the residents to be near a floodplain area. That’s the whole point of the project: to help alleviate that flooding.”  

Crews are working to take Fassnight Creek out of the old man-made channel and restore it to its natural state with trees, trails and bridges. The project was supposed to be finished last fall, but supply chain issues pushed things back.

When it rained a lot in Springfield last week, Preston says it helped him see how effective the project’s design is.

“From a flood mitigation standpoint, the design is performing well. It’s still under construction, so there’s some things that still remain to be completed. Some of the landscaping and final touches. But from a flood standpoint it seems to be performing pretty well.”

Until construction is finished, drivers will have to continue using detours around the area.