SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The City of Springfield held a second public meeting centered around the plan to revamp Lake Springfield.

“This is truly a planning process. There are no ideas that are identified ahead of this,” Amanda Ohlensehlen said. “We’re really just coming back to the community.”

The standing-room-only meeting began with a presentation and then residents were able to give feedback on several different ideas.

“Recreational opportunities, water activities, studying the water, the lake itself, the dam infrastructure, and thinking about what kind of adaptive reuse opportunities exist,” Ohlensehlen said.

Residents weighed in, including Brian Ash, the president of the Ravenwood South Neighborhood Association, a nearby neighborhood.

“It’s interesting to see, like what some other communities have done and what we could do here and just try and get a better handle on maybe what makes the most sense,” Ash said.

Ash says it’ll be intriguing to see the final product.

“I think the tricky balancing act is going to be something that helps generate some tax dollars without creating any disturbances for the neighbors,” Ash added.

KOLR 10 spoke to a father and son who are taking part in the process.

Residents were encouraged to place stickers on ideas presented, green stickers for ideas they like, yellow for ones they were neutral on, and red ones on ideas they didn’t like.

“We’re really interested in trails, particularly, and the lake is a really underutilized resource in our community, and looking for opportunities to make it better for everybody.” Minor Baker said.

They spoke about things they like and things they hope they don’t.

“I was putting [stickers] some on camping trails,” Sawyer Baker said. “I think I put one on like an education and boardwalk so we can go and view the lake more.”

“This [area] is kind of ecological. It’s unique, it’s not flat,” Minor Baker said. “I think it has a lot of opportunities to do other things besides sports fields which we’ve done a lot of in the community.”

City officials say there will be a third public meeting but there is no date for that meeting at this time.