SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — At the Springfield City Council meeting on Oct. 3, city leaders voted on and discussed several businesses and properties around the city.

Perhaps one of the most significant was allowing the construction of a 37,533-square-foot mixed-use building at 425 West Commercial Street and 1824 North Lyon Avenue.

“This is the first significant new development up on Commercial Street that we’ve had in years, if not decades,” said General Councilman Richard Ollis.

The council unanimously voted in favor of the bill, with several members taking time to express their approval of the change.

“This is an exciting project,” said Mayor Pro Tem Matthew Simpson. “It’s one we should celebrate.”

The new structure must follow design guidelines to maintain the area’s aesthetic.

Other matters the city council voted on included allowing the owners of two residences to rent their properties out nightly and allowing $628,178 to be used to improve Battlefield Road, National Avenue, and Sunshine Street.

The city council also discussed several properties that they are scheduled to vote on at the next council meeting, which is Oct. 17. Those properties include several automotive repair, body, and paint shops around the city.