DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. – Timothy Norton,one of the men accused of kidnapping and killing Cassidy Rainwater, appeared in court through video conference Tuesday, Feb. 22. Norton pleaded not guilty to the charges and waived his right to a formal reading of the charges.

Norton and his attorney attended the arraignment since waiving his right to a preliminary hearing earlier this month. Norton’s attorney is asking for two months to work on the case before the next court date.

“Reset this case as far as the court is willing to go due to the tremendous amount of discovery,”said T.J. Kirsch, Norton’s defense attorney.

Court documents indicated investigators found child pornography and “pornography of a violent nature” at Norton’s home during the investigation.

Jonathan Barker, the Dallas County prosecutor, agreed with Kirsch about more time to work on the case.

“We do need a little extra time for Kirsch to be able to review the discovery, then review with his client, then we need to do some work,” said Barker.

The next court date is set for April 26th at 1 p.m. at the Dallas County Courthouse.

All parties are required to attend the next court date in person. His co-defendant, James Phelps, is expected back in court on March 18.