SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Casper’s, which is known for its burgers, chili and other comfort foods, will be closed for a little while in the summer of 2022, but it will reopen at the spot that was once occupied by another staple of Springfield’s dining scene.

Shawn Kraft, the owner of Casper’s, announced in a Facebook video Friday that the restaurant, currently located at 601 West Walnut Street in Springfield, will close temporarily in early June, but will open again at the former Anton’s Coffee Shop location at 937 South Glenstone Avenue.

Kraft said the new location will give Casper’s more room, parking and seating. It will also have a drive-thru. This will be the third time Casper’s has moved in its 113-year history.

“We’ve grown too big for it,” Kraft said of the current Casper’s location, which is a hard-to-miss hut at Walnut and Main near downtown Springfield. “It needs a lot of repair that just can’t be done anymore, so I found an amazing place on Glenstone, I want to bring everything back with nostalgia in Springfield and I grew up on Anton’s.”

Kraft said Anton’s Coffee Shop sparked his interest in cooking when he was younger. The new Casper’s location will feature a diner-style breakfast as a nod to Anton’s.

All of the interior decorations at the current Casper’s will be making the move to the new location.

“We want people to feel the same way that they feel over here,” said Kraft. “We want that family, fifties-sixties environment at Casper’s.”

Customers are invited to visit the “hut” location on West Walnut for its last week of business before the move. The last day the current location will be open is June 4, 2022. The Glenstone location is expected to open the Tuesday after Labor Day.