CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo.- A Lake Ozark real estate agent has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

According to the Camden County Prosecutor, court records indicate 43-year-old Leigh Ann Bauman attempted to have her former mother-in-law killed.

According to a probable cause statement, one witness told authorities Bauman asked if she knew anyone who could kill the mother of her ex-husband.

“Bauman believed the ex-mother-in-law was interfering with Bauman’s relationship with her children,” the release states.

Bauman then sent a text to her daughter stating that her grandmother would die. According to police, Bauman told officers that was a reference to the grandmother’s age.

According to the witness, Bauman believed her ex-husband and former mother-in-law were going to take Bauman to court to fight for full custody of the children.

Court records say Bauman was asked several times if she wanted to hire the people and that she repeatedly said “yes.” Bauman reportedly told the witness she knew, as a Christian, it was wrong but said she also knew she could ask for forgiveness.

Authorities say the witness recorded the request, capturing Bauman’s offer to pay $1,500 for someone to make the death “look like an accident.” On the recording, authorities say, Bauman can be heard describing the text message she sent to her daughter.

Based on these recordings, authorities believed there was an immediate threat to the mother-in-laws safety.

Camden County prosecutors requested a “no-bond” warrant for Bauman’s arrest, noting she allegedly has ties to several states.